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How to support patients self-management?

As described in planung&analyse 2/16 from our point of view patients partly fail to start a therapy or to maintain compliance because they are not able to mentally cope with pain or medical conditions. Partly also, they are not able to reorganize their lives to the extent required.
Medical conditions and pain often are major turnarounds in life. To reestablish life needs to be supported - by whom?
Patient support groups, physicians, HCPs, the family? Or does it need an independent patient coaching?  

Tao-Insights - learnings from Far Eastern thinking
for brands, management and our daily business routines.

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Fully relaxed the tiger lies in the deep grass. Just in the right moment he unfolds his strengths and elasticity and dashes forward ... And what about us? What exactly can we learn from the tiger´s behaviour? For an overview of our seminars´ topics please contact us.

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The more the leaves are gone the better the character of each tree stands out.
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