Kernstücke = depth, clarity, efficiency

… In-depth research: Why all these creative tasks?
It is not merely part of the ethos of qualitative research – we really do want to understand. We lay great store by in-depth analysis which not only presents the facts but also gets to the bottom of things.
In healthcare as well as other industries people often decide intuitively or by their 'gut-feeling'. Covert attitudes and emotionally-coloured motives thus provide genuine added value for the marketing.
Emotionalities as an added value in the health market

… Clear answers to strategic questions: After all, ultimately everything is quite simple.
With its coherently integrated view, qualitative research often endeavours to explain 'the whole world'. This wide-angle perspective is often the source of new and unexpected findings which sometimes have entirely unexpected implications. But what are the essential findings opening up (new) strategic perspectives?
> Getting to the heart of strategic implications

… Efficient research: Wouldn't you be better served with a more streamlined service?
Qualitative research has a very large and deep toolbox - larger in many cases than budgets and timings. But there is no reason why quality should suffer as a result.
On the contrary, it is always possible to conduct fruitful research which is customised to the most different requirements and at the same being able to deliver profoundly revealing findings.  
> Ad hoc - flexible and customised

... Focus on people: For the common weal of all participants
No matter if they are clients, customers, consumers or patients - we thoroughly pay attention to the needs of all participants of the research. As a matter of course we pay great attention to a good communication. We also employ research tools aiming at the direct interaction of all participants (e.g. co-creation workshops). We like getting in touch with you and your targets!
> Approachability and a sincere communication as a basis

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